Grantham Journal letter: Un-named should be identified

Coun Bob Adams, Conservative leader of SKDC ENGEMN00120130424141642
Coun Bob Adams, Conservative leader of SKDC ENGEMN00120130424141642
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The background to last week’s unsuccessful vote of no confidence in South Kesteven District Council Conservative leader, Bob Adams, is obviously in the public interest - hence the Journal’s efforts to glean more information from the local Conservative group.

Councillor Adams has not commented following the result in his favour, but some may think that it would initially be more incumbent upon those un-named councillors who raised the issue in the first place to identify themselves and justify their actions.

Interestingly the only comments to emerge so far are totally vague, e.g. “too many issues to go into at this stage” and they come from an anonymous “source”.

This may remind some readers of one of the classic quotations about “leaks” by Bernard from Yes Minister: “That’s another of those irregular verbs, isn’t it? I give confidential briefings; you leak; he has been charged under Section 2 of the Official Secrets Act.”

Unfortunately, because of the paucity of informative detail, the Journal’s “source” would not satisfy any of Bernard’s criteria.

Journal, you need a proper “mole” in the best John le Carre tradition. (Only joking)

Brian Bruce