Here we go again! Drivers beware...

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The infamous Brook Street pothole has reappeared once again – just six weeks after the last temporary fix.

In mid-November, workers were sent out by Lincolnshire County Council highways to fill the hole, at the junction with Swinegate.

Pothole in Brook Street, Grantham.

Pothole in Brook Street, Grantham.

But these temporary fixes seem to be a waste of time as within weeks the deep and dangerous hole reappears, risking the safety of motorists and cyclists.

Councillor Richard Davies is the county council’s executive member for highways. He told us last month that he is looking into a long-term solution but there is particular feature of Brook Street which makes it difficult.

He said: “There’s actually a stream that runs under Brook Street, as the name suggests, and that does present an issue for us in terms of the roads’ foundations.”