How ‘aboat’ this then? Check out this unusual example of fly-tipping near Saltby

Boat dumped near Saltby
Boat dumped near Saltby
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How “aboat” this for a piece of fly-tipping reported a week after the Journal and South Kesteven District Council joined forces for a Grantham Clean and Green campaign?

Barry Jordan, from Harlaxton, was so astonished to see this abandoned boat near Saltby, he took a picture to highlight the Journal campaign.

He said the fibreglass vessel had splits in the hull, but could possibly be patched up.

Barry, who is retired, said that previously a bath, sink and toilet, and car tyres had been dumped at the remote spot on a country lane.

He said: “I am appalled by fly-tipping in the countryside. It really upsets me.” But Barry saw a funny side to the incident: “With all the wet weather, someone might regret dumping it now,” he joked.

** The Grantham Clean and Green campaign:

If you know someone who is guilty of dumping rubbish irresponsibly, e-mail: or call 01476 406080. SKDC would prefer whistleblowers to be willing to make a statement, but anonymous information will also be followed up.

If you don’t know who is responsible but want to report a fly-tip, call or e-mail the above or do it online at

Meanwhile, remember to clean up after yourself. If you have bulky items to get rid of you can contact SKDC to arrange for them to be removed or take them to the Lincolnshire County Council household waste recycling centre in Mowbeck Way, Grantham. It is open 9am-4pm on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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