‘I’m worried a tile will fall off my roof and harm someone’

Bonita White, tree problems.
Bonita White, tree problems.
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A PENSIONER is terrified that a pedestrian could be seriously injured if a public-owned tree in front of her property is not pruned.

Bonita White went as far as calling the emergency services during the strong winds two weeks ago, when a branch on the towering tree began to smash against tiles on the roof of her three-storey house in North Parade, Grantham.

Concerned for the safety of people using the busy pavement directly below, she called Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.

She said: “It’s three floors up. Something can gather quite some momentum from that height.

“What’s the point in waiting until something serious happens when they’ve just got to chop a branch off?”

Mrs White, 67, has reported the issue to Lincolnshire County Council, but she is frustrated with the delay in dealing with it. She said: “In this country, who knows when the wind is going to blow?”

Senior highways officer Phil Oldfield said the branch is unlikely to cause damage. He added: “The county council has a strict policy of not undertaking tree works during bird nesting season, unless the tree is a potential danger.”