Increase in Lincolnshire County Councillors’ allowances approved

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Lincolnshire County Councillors’ allowances are set to rise following a vote at a full council meeting on Friday February 21.

The increases are the first since 2008, and will see the basic allowance given to every elected councillor rise from £8,184 to £10,100.

Currently LCC ranks 27th out of 31 county councils in terms of basic allowance provision, but the changes will see it rise to 18th.

The new rate was recommended by the Independent Remuneration Panel, who previously advised the council to increase councillors’ allowances in 2010.

However due to the economic downturn it was decided that such rises should be deferred, and consequently Lincolnshire’s allowances have fallen out of line with those at comparable organisations.

The new figure of £10,100 for 2014-15 coincides with the IRP’s 2010 recommendation of £10,000 with an additional one per cent to take into account the increase most employees have received.

The 2010 recommended level plus one per cent was also the starting point for a review of special responsibility allowances given to certain councillors, which will also go up this year.

In addition larger allowances for the leader, deputy leader and other members of the executive were recommended to recognise their extra duties.

However Coun Martin Hill has already said that he will not be accepting the increase in his leader’s allowance.

At the meeting there were a mixture of votes both for and against the rises, but councillors who voted in favour can still forego all or part of their allowance just as those who voted against can still subsequently accept an increase.

The public can see details of councillors’ allowances and expenses on the council’s website.