LCC spends over £42k on flights

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LINCOLNSHIRE County Council has paid out more than £42,760 for international flights in the past two years.

Figures released by the council show details of flights to America, Japan, Iceland, Spain and Germany, among other destinations.

Seventy-five per cent of those flights were taken by a single individual working for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, chief executive Tony McArdle has revealed.

He said: “The majority were for one individual in his work with groups aiming to improve firefighter safety at an international level.”

This employee, who left the council earlier this year, was the UK representative of a standards group which looked at firefighting equipment, clothing and fire engines.

The majority of flights were in economy class, although two business class and a further three were business/premium economy.

Mr McArdle said one business class flight was “due to the considerable mileage travelled within the USA to visit three sites within three days”.

A council spokesman said: “There won’t be a formal investigation into the booking of business class flights, as we know it was possible for the individual in question to do this as he was senior enough to authorise his own travel arrangements. However, we will be tightening up our procedures to prevent this happening again.”

Ten of the journeys taken were by other council employees, totalling around £8,500. These were to attend conferences and to see technology which could be put in use in Lincolnshire in action.

South Kesteven District Council has not paid for any international flights.