Lincolnshire County Council announce plans to cut 818 jobs

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MORE than 800 county council jobs will be cut by the end of the summer if senior management proposals are approved.

The proposal to cut 818 staff members was announced on Wednesday to save £18m of Lincolnshire County Council’s target of £125m savings in the next four years.

The current proposals, which are out for consultation for the next 90 days, cover 3,200 people - almost half of the council’s staff.

One quarter of the 3,200 are expected to lose their jobs.

The hardest hit area will be children’s services, which is where the majority of staff are employed.

Executive councillor for finance and human resources Kelly Smith said the council will try to target back office staff but frontline jobs will go in areas where Government grants have been stopped or reduced.

He believes the main aim is to balance the budget while protecting public safety.

He told the Journal: “Difficult times call for difficult decisions, and to meet a tough budget we have had to look to deliver services in a different way.

“Unfortunately, staffing reductions are inevitable, however wherever possible we hope that voluntary redundancies will minimise the number of compulsory redundancies that have to be made.”

About 1,100 people working in senior management and adult social care operations have already been part of consultations, and a further 1,500 jobs in other areas will be looked at later this year.

By the end of the process it is expected that the council will employ around 5,500 staff - 1,200 less than now.

Coun Smith said: “We are very aware of the fact that it is an extremely unsettling time for staff and that this is going to affect real people.

“We will work with partners to help people who will unfortunately be leaving us.”

The spending cuts have to be made over a four-year period but the council has decided to make job cuts early.

Coun Smith added: “We don’t want to go through a long process of putting people’s jobs at risk and making people unsettled.

“We have to deliver services to Lincolnshire so we must have a stable base.”