Lincolnshire County Council elections: Folkingham Rural Division

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Candidates standing in the local elections on Thursday are pleading their case, hoping to win your votes.

Each hopeful has submitted up to 150 words about themselves, their approaches and what they believe to be priorities in both the electoral divisions in which they stand and the county as a whole.

One county councillor will be elected for each division, and will serve a four-year term.

Voters will be heading to their nearest polling stations on Thursday between 7am and 10pm, to elect their candidates.

Poll cards have been sent to all registered electors eligible to vote. If you are not registered, it is too late to do so as the deadline for applications was April 17.

* Jan Hansen - Lincolnshire Independent

Jan writes: “I feel a great strength standing as a Lincolnshire Independent candidate.

“Although I have access to national representatives, who are hard at work bringing local campaigns into the national agenda, I have the luxury of only being accountable to the local electorate. This I know is much envied by the political candidates, as their hands are tied.

“I am determined to bring to the forefront debate regarding the serious underfunding of Lincolnshire in general, and in particular, Lincolnshire NHS and police force. I am shocked with the amount of apathy felt.

“I have been told by supporters and activists of all of the main political parties that they feel betrayed, and may not vote at all. Surely we all have a duty to vote!

“By electing a strong Independent candidate, all views are taken into account, and priority is given to whatever benefits the local community. Simple as that!”

* John Morgan - Labour

John is secretary of Grantham and Stamford Labour Party, a former councillor and parliamentary candidate, and current press officer of SOS Grantham Hospital.

John writes: “Aged 45, I joined the Labour Party 30 years ago, while I was at school, and I have always been an active campaigner.

“Under the dark days of Thatcherism, I collected food for striking miners and opposed the poll tax. Since then, I have campaigned successfully for lower water bills and on the environment and opposed the invasion of Iraq (less successfully).

“Earlier this year, I helped to organise the petition against the proposed cuts to the accident and emergency and maternity units at Grantham Hospital, collecting over 7,500 signatures.

“As a libertarian socialist, I believe that the Government should provide a secure framework, with decent public services”

* Martin Hill - Conservative

Martin writes: “It has been my privilege to represent the 25 parishes of Folkingham Rural and I have diligently served them to achieve the best outcomes.

“I have also successfully led the council since 2005 where we have provided good services and maintained sound finances whilst keeping our council tax one of the lowest in the country.

“We have protected frontline services such as highways and safeguarding vulnerable people as well as finding the required savings to help restore the national finances.

“The Conservatives are proud of this strong record and by finding efficiencies we have been able to freeze council tax for three years running whilst continuing to invest in important projects such as super fast broadband.

“I have been instrumental in providing improvements to Grantham including the Market Place and Wide Westgate, as well as bringing Grantham by-pass close to fruition.”

* Brian Withnall - Liberal Democrat

Brian writes: “I believe passionately in local democracy and would like to see an end to the Conservative ‘one party state’ in Lincolnshire.

“As a retired teacher with 45 years’ experience, I want to promote educational opportunity. LiberalDemocrats have delivered the pupil premium and 15 hours’ free nursery provision to all parents.

“The rush to academies should be subject to local control and Lincolnshire’s share of the primary school building fund should be spent without delay.

“I welcome more help for small businesses, particularly superfast broadband, and tax breaks and will support the police in their fight against rural crime.

“I want to protect our beautiful landscape, but support local development that benefits the community overall.”