Lincolnshire County Council elections: Grantham East Division

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Candidates standing in the local elections on Thursday are pleading their case, hoping to win your votes.

Each hopeful has submitted up to 150 words about themselves, their approaches and what they believe to be priorities in both the electoral divisions in which they stand and the county as a whole.

One county councillor will be elected for each division, and will serve a four-year term.

Voters will be heading to their nearest polling stations on Thursday between 7am and 10pm, to elect their candidates.

Poll cards have been sent to all registered electors eligible to vote. If you are not registered, it is too late to do so as the deadline for applications was April 17.

* Linda Wootten - Conservative

Linda writes: “I am passionate about the community that we live in.

“I have been a member of the Grantham East Neighbourhood Policing Panel for seven years. I also attend hospital board meetings to keep up to date with local issues and have campaigned against the closure of the midwifery unit.

“In December 2012, I visited the European Parliament and met with Emma McClarkin MEP, putting the case forward for an EU referendum.

“Party politics should not be a major issue in local elections; I have put myself forward as a candidate because I am a conscientious and committed person who believes in putting people first and I also believe councillors should be actively involved in the ward.

“If elected, I will endeavour to attend all council meetings and support the parish council. Living locally I know the issues that affect the ward and would be available to listen to your concerns.”

* Tracey Forman - Labour

Tracey writes: “Potholes everywhere. Why are the roads so bad? Why is it difficult to get answers? It is time that the county council was accountable to the people of Grantham.

“That’s why I will call for highways to consult with the people of Grantham on a plan for repair. The present approach is piecemeal and does not seem to prioritise urgent repairs.

“The cuts to our youth services, special schools and libraries show that the Conservatives have an agenda that hits young people and families unfairly. Only Labour has a plan for growth which will create jobs, reduce unemployment and then reduce the deficit.

“Labour in Lincolnshire will invest in public transport, jobs and training for young people and we will introduce a local education allowance to ensure that young people can afford to stay in further education.

“Vote Labour and make the change.”

* Stephen Hewerdine - Independent

Stephen writes: “Being a resident of the Harrowby community myself, I have met many people of all ages and backgrounds on the street and at various social functions.

“I feel that by listening to what people have to say, I have been better able to provide the community with what you want and need.

“It has also further strengthened my resolve and belief that all members of our community deserve strong and balanced representation on our county council by someone who is not afraid to voice your opinions.

“If elected, I will represent this ward and ensure you have a voice in county council and community issues.”

Stephen, a former district councillor, would focus on community policing, care for the elderly, Harrowby Youth Centre, potholes, traffic calming, street lighting, local business and support for the southern relief road.

* Samantha Turner -Liberal


Samantha writes: “I am standing for the position of county councillor for Grantham East as I have been asked if I would.

“If I am elected I would commit to attending meetings, but most importantly I would be willing to learn all I could about the local community and how I could best help as a county councillor.

“I am rapidly approaching the age of 40 so have a few years of experience working as a primary teacher and running a small business.

“My main goal in life though is to become a living sacrifice and be perfect as our Father in Heaven calls us to be, as we pray in church on Sunday.

“I currently attend my local CoE church. Only vote for me if you feel inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

* Carl Mason - UK Independence Party

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