Lincolnshire County Council elections: Grantham North Division

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Candidates standing in the local elections on Thursday are pleading their case, hoping to win your votes.

Each hopeful has submitted up to 150 words about themselves, their approaches and what they believe to be priorities in both the electoral divisions in which they stand and the county as a whole.

One county councillor will be elected for each division, and will serve a four-year term.

Voters will be heading to their nearest polling stations on Thursday between 7am and 10pm, to elect their candidates.

Poll cards have been sent to all registered electors eligible to vote. If you are not registered, it is too late to do so as the deadline for applications was April 17.

* Ray Wootten - Conservative

Ray writes: “Serving everyone in the community has been my priority since I became a councillor in 2007.

“My record speaks for itself, supporting residents dealing with contentious planning applications, combating anti-social

behaviour, highways issues, adult social care, supporting parish councils and residents’ groups.

“As chairman of the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel and Grantham East Neighbourhood Panel I have ensured that Lincolnshire Police pay attention to crimes and disorder that affect the community.

“I personally delivered a county council motion to the European Parliament in Brussels calling for a referendum on Europe.

“Having been in public service for over 30 years serving in the Royal Air Force, police force and as a councillor, I have a wealth of experience and common sense to deal with most situations.

“I have an excellent record of attendance at council meetings and would be proud to represent you again for another four years.”

* John Andrews - Independent

John writes: “Two years ago, when I competed in the SKDC elections, a third of those who voted in Greyfriars ward supported my campaign. That campaign, then and now, is for the reformation of our system of government which has shown itself to be corrupt, heartless and no longer fit for purpose.

“The model I propose is called the People’s Constitution, which is similar to the highly successful Federal Constitution of Switzerland. Switzerland is a non-EU country run by powerful decentralised cantons (like counties) directly controlled by local citizens. It combines wealth with high social values and some of the most rigorous environmental standards in the world.

“Our rotten system of government, which is mostly run by Washington and Wall St, must be changed; so please support your right to be properly informed, and to directly control the decisions of your council. Vote for the People’s Constitution and me on May 2.

* Paul Martin - UK Independence Party

Paul writes: “I am a local family man who grew up in Grantham and was educated in our schools. I also worked locally before setting up business here. My children attend local schools.

“My experience includes youth leadership, customer services, IT services and business.

“My priorities are local referenda on major developments (housing, wind turbines), potholes, jobs for our young, decent homes that ‘generation rent’ can afford to buy, looking after our elderly, and the education and welfare of our children.

“All Lincolnshire children should have the best education, a chance to go to university, a good job, and be able to buy their own home. With its transport links I would also like to see a Lincolnshire Tech hub set up in Grantham.

“I want to help UKIP put the “Great” back in Britain. UKIP are leading the national agenda. Fresh ideas supporting and listening to the people of Lincolnshire.”

* Rob Shorrock - Labour

Rob writes: “David Cameron launched his austerity drive by announcing that ‘we are all in this together’.

“This year seven million people will lose some form of state benefit at the same time that 13,000 of the richest people in the country will see their tax bills reduce by over £100,000 a year. It is clear that some people are ‘in it’ far more than others. The Conservatives running Lincolnshire County Council have made cut after cut in services needed by workers, young people, families and the elderly. Hardly fair.

“Labour in Lincolnshire will invest in public transport, jobs and training for young people and we will introduce a local education allowance to ensure that young people can afford to stay in further education.

“Vote Labour and make the change.”