Lincolnshire County Council elections: Hough Division

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Candidates standing in the local elections on Thursday are pleading their case, hoping to win your votes.

Each hopeful has submitted up to 150 words about themselves, their approaches and what they believe to be priorities in both the electoral divisions in which they stand and the county as a whole.

One county councillor will be elected for each division, and will serve a four-year term.

Voters will be heading to their nearest polling stations on Thursday between 7am and 10pm, to elect their candidates.

Poll cards have been sent to all registered electors eligible to vote. If you are not registered, it is too late to do so as the deadline for applications was April 17.

* Paul Wood - Independent

Paul writes: “I am your local Independent candidate having lived in the area for 24 years at Long Bennington with my wife Jane.

“My first priority is to support the residents in the area even if this makes me unpopular at the council.

“I will work with parish councils and fight to improve services including bus services and tackle Highways over the poorly maintained roads and road safety.

“Do you want your county councillor to represent you or a political party? As an Independent candidate I am not part of any party and this gives me freedom to express views openly and support local i ssues.

“I have worked hard in the villages since I stood in 2009, receiving 1,331 votes and only just missed winning, so every vote is very important to me.

“My loyalty is to the people in the area. Keep party politics out of local government.”

* Michael Hudson - Labour

Michael (Mike) is married with two grown-up children.

He is employed by Siemens. Working from Lincoln he has a base in Germany. As an engineer, he is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He has presented papers on gas turbine design and development in Britain, the Americas and Europe.

Mike has experience in local government, having served on North Kesteven District Council where he introduced job evaluation. This ensured pay would be fair and expenditure controlled.

On the county council, his concern is the effective use of limited money. He is annoyed the council spends money not building an extra bypass for Lincoln, but allows roads in Hough division to become as rough as cart tracks.

He said: “A county councillor is not elected to hear his or her own voice. They are there to give voice for others. People of all ages need help.”

* Stephen Pearson - Conservative

Stephen has lived in the constituency for seven years and for the last three has been Chairman of Long Bennington Parish Council. He lives in the village with his wife and two daughters.

He believes in being responsive to local residents and listening to local concerns. He is acutely aware of key issues such as roads, transport and support services for the elderly and disabled, and concern over massive wind turbines - which he has campaigned against for some time.

He believes that the Conservatives in County Hall have been successful. With good stewardship, frontline services are being protected.

He said: “The county is ahead of the game with initiatives such as major waste incineration and personalised budgets for those with social care needs - the Conservatives are the only coherent group ready and able to run the county in a challenging period of austerity.”