Margaret Thatcher death T-shirts on sale

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T-SHIRTS, rejoicing in the death of Margaret Thatcher, were on sale this week at the TUC conference in Brighton.

The T-shirts about the Grantham-born former prime minister, who is 86 and in ill heath, have been condemned by the town’s MP Nick Boles.

He said: ““The sale of T-shirts celebrating the prospect of Margaret Thatcher’s death at the trades union conference is despicable. But it just shows how completely militant trade unionists have lost the argument that they should resort to such desperate and cowardly tactics. Margaret Thatcher’s legacy will live on long after they have been consigned to the dustbin of history.”

One of the tops, which features a picture of a tombstone with Thatcher on it, reads ‘A generation of trade unionists will dance on Thatcher’s grave’. Another uses Baroness Thatcher’s Spitting Image puppet with the words ‘Hey ho the witch is dead.’

The T-Shirts are raising money for the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre. TUC general secretary Brendan Barber called them ‘tasteless and inappropriate’.