Overwhelming ‘YES’ vote for a Grantham town council

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Two weeks ago we asked you to have your say in the debate on whether Grantham should have a town council.

Today, we can reveal the outcome of the poll is a resounding ‘yes’.

Out of 252 votes cast, 196 were for ‘yes, while the remaining 56 were ‘no’.

The Journal launched the poll to give people living in Grantham the opportunity to have an input on a topic hotly debated by politicians in recent years.

Most recently, it was the Labour Group for South Kesteven raising the topic. Members have announced their plan to launch a petition calling for South Kesteven District Council to hold a community governance review to look at a proposal to set up a town council.

If the petition obtains more than 2,500 signatures – all must be from people on the electoral register – the discussion will have to go into the council chamber to be debated upon.

As well as casting a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote in the Journal poll, readers were able to pass comment. Many chose to do just that.

Here is a selection of comments made by supporters of a town council concept:

* “It would be local people making local decisions.”

* “We need a council to speak up for Grantham.”

* “It would be nice to have some say in what is going on, to make people feel part of things.”

* “Most definitely yes. Look what was achieved when it ws a borough council.”

* It’s obvious we need a really ‘local’ Grantham voice because we are not being heard above the ‘powers’ that speak now.”

* “It would give us some power to control our own destiny and nullify some of the effects of the current disastrous administration.”

* “Our town was a lovely town back in the day! I feel ashamed to show anyone around – it’s been ruined.”

Here is what some of those who voted ‘no’ had to say on the matter:

* “How many more levels of bureaucracy, expense and disagreement do we need?”

* “Another costly level of bureaucracy. Parish/town councils have no legislative powers. Anyone can have their say now by attending council meetings, including planning. It will mean a rate rise – is that what people really want?”

* “Not unless we become a unitay authority. I do not want another level of costs to local taxpayers.”