Plans to close Lincolnshire’s libraries rejected by councillors

Charmaine Morgan - Labour
Charmaine Morgan - Labour
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Plans to close dozens of libraries across the county were shot down by county councillors this week.

Under the proposals, in a report by officers, the number of static libraries in the county would have been drastically cut from 47 to 15, however Grantham Library would have remained.

The plans were expected to save around £2 million as councils up and down the country face further cuts in funding.

However, the proposals were rejected by councillors on Wednesday.

Grantham Coun Charmaine Morgan (pictured right)said: “Whilst under the plans the immediate future of Grantham Library was okay, as is Belton Lane, in the longer run if smaller villages lose their library services it is going to put more pressure on Grantham where they are not proposing any increase in services.”

Coun Morgan said the proposals were also “unrealistic”.

She said: “By their figures people would be willing to drive for 30 minutes to use libraries.”

Coun Morgan said herself and other councillors were also concerned that people looking for work would not be able to access computers through their local libraries.

The proposals must now be reconsidered.