Register for Lincolnshire Energy Switch and you could save money on your bills

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Energy bills might be banished to the back of minds as summer arrives but this is an ideal time to register for the Lincolnshire Energy Switch scheme and save money in the coming months and next winter, according to South Kesteven District Council.

In the first offer, which finished in March, the average savings for households who switched was £186. Any household which has never switched energy supplier or not switched for a long time is probably paying too much.

It is easy to register – all you need is a recent gas or electricity bill which shows your current tariff and your energy consumption. Then visit to register your details. Alternatively you can call on 01529 301990 between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). There is no obligation to switch so there is nothing to lose by registering.

The deadline to register is Monday, June 9. Whether you rent your home or own it, whether you are on dual fuel, electric only or have a prepayment meter, everyone is encouraged to register.

And you don’t even have to live in Lincolnshire as it will be open to anyone in the country, so friends and family can also register, wherever they live.

Checking your energy tariff is just one thing you can do to manage your energy bills.

There are a number of simple things you can do to reduce how much energy you use:

• Fit draught excluders to your front door, letter box and keyhole

• Close your curtains at dusk and stop the heat escaping

• Open internal doors of any rooms which get more sun than others and let the warm air travel around your home

• Move furniture away from radiators and heaters to allow the heat to circulate around the room

• Get to know how your heating controls work – and use them! Adjust your heating as the weather changes

• Defrost your freezer regularly as it will run more efficiently

• Give your clothes a day in the sun and give your tumble drier a break.

• When boiling the kettle, only put in the amount of water that you need

• Don’t leave your mobile phone on charge all night

• Try not to leave TVs, DVD players, etc on standby

SKDC’s portfolio holder for healthy environment Councillor John Smith said: “We are always keen to look at new ways to help our residents reduce their monthly outgoings and registering for the Lincolnshire Energy Switch scheme could save a worthwhile amount on energy bills and it is an easy process.

“Alongside this, there are many small actions that residents can do that would help put money back into their pockets.”