Traffic fears as plans are prepared for more homes at Poplar Farm in Grantham

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At a public consultation last week on the next phase of a major housing development off Barrowby Road, Grantham, current residents raised concerns about increased traffic and safety.

Construction has already begun on building 1,800 new houses on the eastern section of the site, known as Poplar Farm, but now plans are being put together for a futher 1,400 homes to the west in an area called Rectory Farm.

After the consultation, a Barrowby Road homeowner who did not want to be named said: “I think most people’s main concern is the impact it will have on the road. It will impact on our quality of life, and there is a safety factor and a comfort factor.

“Already I have to sit waiting for 15 minutes to get out my drive, and that’s without these new homes and the increased traffic.

“There was no representative from the council or the highways who could answer our questions about the road, so at the moment we are still, in a way, none the wiser. And we are going to lose the views so we are all going to have our properties devalued, no matter what they say.”

Another resident living in Barrowby Road said: “I’m not happy because when I moved in I was told that no homes would be built there. My house looks out on to the fields and I like to walk my dog there.”

In order to meet the demands of a rapidly rising population, planning authorities across the country have been told by central government to boost the supply of new housing, with Grantham required to deliver 13,600 new houses between 2006 and 2026.

In its Core Strategy the council identified the land off Barrowby Road collectively referred to as the North West Quadrant, as able to provide up to 3,500 new homes.

The development will also see the creation of a new primary school, sports pitches, shops and other community facilities to serve the additional homeowners.

House builders Jelson Homes and Linden Homes invited those affected by the development to express their views at the public consultation in Newton House Care Home on Barrowby Road, and recognised that the influx of traffic that will be caused by the new homes was the primary concern.

Land and planning director at Jelson Homes Terry McGreal said: “We have carried out a traffic impact assessment which has identified new junctions needed to mitigate the extra traffic, which will form part of the planning application. This should be submitted in around five to six weeks.”

As well as the proposed junctions to improve access on Barrowby Road, the plans identify the new Pennine Way link road and a pedestrian footbridge which are both being provided as part of the Poplar Farm development as ways of tackling any traffic and safety issues.