Westminster offices evacuated in security scare over iPad belonging to Nick Boles’ apprentice

Grantham MP Nick Boles
Grantham MP Nick Boles
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Offices used by MPs in Westminster had to be evacuated this morning because of an iPad belonging to an apprentice of Grantham MP Nick Boles.

Police decided the iPad was suspicious and evacuated Portcullis House, an office building opposite the Houses of Parliament.

The iPad belonged to an aide who was starting their first day in the job with Mr Boles.

Mr Boles later Tweeted: “An exciting start to my apprentice’s first day at Parliament: the whole of Portcullis House evacuated cos of security scare over his iPad!”

Mr Boles said he was not cross with the apprentice and recognised that the police were just doing their job.

He told The Daily Telegraph that he would “strongly recommend every MP to have an apprentice - I can’t think why it has taken me so long”.

The Metropolitan Police allowed people to return to Portcullis House at 10.30am.