Winter has arrived... and still the potholes remain in Grantham

Pothole in Brook Street was temporarily filled again this week. 857D
Pothole in Brook Street was temporarily filled again this week. 857D
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More potholes have been filled in this year than ever before, claims the county’s head of highways – but he admits Grantham still needs a lot of work.

County councillor Richard Davies said 50,000 potholes have been permanently filled in across Lincolnshire over the past year, with roads in Grantham seen as pothole hotspots scheduled in for works over the coming months.

Coun Davies said: “I have promised to tackle potholes in Lincolnshire – and that’s exactly what I am doing. We’ve permanently filled in 50,000 this year, and we’ve also carried out a huge amount of preventative work too.

“When I was campaigning before the election the one thing people kept saying is that they don’t want to see the council throwing money down the drain by doing temporary patches. I am determined to provide proper, long-term fixes but these are often more disruptive and can take longer to plan – so we can only do so many in a year.”

In the spring of this year the Journal reported on a large number of potholes around the town and urged readers to report the craters to Lincolnshire County Council in a bid to get action taken.

Now, the warmer months have passed by and many potholes remain. One such crater is near to the corner of Brook Street and Swinegate, which was repaired with a temporary fix. The tarmac poured into it soon wore away and workers were on site again this week to fill it again with more tarmac as a temporary measure.

Coun Davies said: “There’s actually a stream that runs under Brook Street, as the name suggests, and that does present an issue for us in terms of the road’s foundations, but we are looking at a long-term solution.”

He added: “You saw from Springfield Road what disruption major road works can cause the town, so we have to consider this when putting together our maintenance programme.”