Property needs urgent repairs doing to it - now!

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I would like to know how South Kesteven District Council knows that we like our current refuse collection, because they did not ask any of their council tenants, nor did we recieve a letter asking us if we were happy with it.

If they had taken the time to ask us, they would have discovered plenty of people who would prefer to go back to the weekly refuse collections.

Some tenants have large families, so black bags and recycling bags pile up - then the council moan at us for having rubbish bags in our gardens.

Did they just assume we’re all happy, so they could use the money for other things, because they don’t repair our fencing anymore, but they do have the nerve to put rent up again.

Just because some people can afford fencing, doesn’t mean all of us can.

I for one can’t. My fences are in urgent need of replacing, and my gates have fallen off. I have had to replace expensive flooring and redecorate - out of my own pocket!


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