Protesting grandfather chains himself to furniture in council office in Grantham

Paul Davey chains himself to furniture in SKDC offices in Grantham.
Paul Davey chains himself to furniture in SKDC offices in Grantham.
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A grandfather has chained himself to furniture in the district council offices in protest after his daughter and her six children were made homeless and rehoused in a holiday flat in Skegness.

Paul Davey chained himself inside the customer services centre in the Grantham offices this afternoon. Police were called to the scene and spoke to Mr Davey.

His daughter, Hazel Brown, and her children were evicted from their home in Edward Street, Grantham, a month ago. They were re-housed by the council in temporary accommodation in Skegness, which they will have to leave later this month.

Mr Davey, 59, who used to run a computer shop in London Road called Bitek, said: “My grandchildren have found themselves homeless due to the change in the housing benefit law and the council will not help them as they say they have made themselves homeless. That is not true. My daughter was private renting and every thing was fine until the change in the housing benefit law and it’s that, that has made them homeless.”

Mr Davey, whose grandchildren are all under the age of ten, has set up a protest page at About 80 people have put their names on the page to show their support for the family.

Ian Richardson, Head of Housing and Neighbourhoods, said: “Data protection prevents us from talking about specific cases but if someone has been identified as intentionally homeless it means that they have deliberately done something, or failed to do something, which has resulted in them losing their home.

“The ‘intentionally homeless’ decision is not taken lightly and is based on all relevant circumstances relating to why the person or persons have been made homeless. These could include not paying the rent or mortgage, eviction for anti-social behaviour, or leaving accommodation which they could have stayed in.

“Under these circumstances there is no requirement for the council to provide further assistance with housing, even if they have children, however we do offer temporary accommodation, liaise with other agencies and give people help and advice in finding somewhere else to live.”