Public meeting will debate plan for 13 wind turbines at Fulbeck Airfield

A developer plans to build 13 wind turbines at Fulbeck Airfield.
A developer plans to build 13 wind turbines at Fulbeck Airfield.
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A new campaign group will host a public meeting on Wednesday to debate a plan for 13 wind turbines on the former Fulbeck Airfield.

The campaign group, called VETO, has been formed to represent the local community and will hold the public meeting in Fulbeck Village Hall tomorrow (January 22) at 7.30pm.

Developer Energiekontor has put in an application to South kesteven District Council for “scoping opinion” on its proposal which, if successful, would see 13 turbines, each 415 feet high, erected on the former airfield.

The developer has requested meetings with parish councils to understand what aspects need to be considered in a pre-scoping report, the usual stage before a full planning submission. The Fulbeck Airfield was recently sold by the Ministry of Defence to local landowner Jeremy Haywood.

In an interesting twist, the MOD through RAF Cranwell has opposed the nearby Temple Hill scheme on the grounds that it would interfere with radar coverage. Another group, reVOLT, has been campaigning against the Temple Hill plan.

VETO spokesman John Cooke said: “VETO will work closely with the reVOLT group as sadly many people will be directly affected by both plans. However, we do need a separate group for three reasons: we need to quickly make the community aware that this is another, different and way more significant development. It is also at a much earlier stage than Temple Hill and finally the Fulbeck Airfield project is so large, it straddles two District County Council areas.”

VETO is running a series of village hall meetings to brief local people and have set up first contact details via and for anyone concerned and wishing to learn more at this stage. VETO is also looking for local residents who are prepared to assist in their campaign against the Fulbeck Airfield project.

reVOLT spokesman Paul Miley said: “We understand they have been assessing the site for a year and are proposing something two and a half times the size of Temple Hill. reVOLT exposed the uncoordinated way in which wind turbine development proceeds and flagged that Temple Hill would be the project that could open the flood gates to the Vale of Belvoir becoming MaegWatte Valley.”

Mr Miley added: “In their community consultation, RWE stressed that one large industrial development was not the fore-runner of many; indeed they suggested that allowing one would stop any more large developments. The Fulbeck plans put a lie to that assertion. It is the case that the developers do not coordinate their activities and therefore anyone living in the South and North Kesteven areas should consider that we are now a target region for significant industrial wind turbine farm proliferation.”