‘Pull your life together’

Grantham Magistrates Court
Grantham Magistrates Court
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“Placid guy” Richard Barry was given a conditional discharge after failing to abide by a police order to stay out of the town centre for 48 hours.

Barry, of Station Road, Grantham, was given the order after causing a disturbance in a London Road off licence and refusing to leave the vicinity.

Defending himself, Barry said: “I have a drink but I’m a placid guy. I just drink, unfortunately, sometimes in the wrong places.”

Chairman of magistrates George Hoyles took issue with Barry saying his drinking was not a problem, pointing out he has 64 offences on his record, 46 of which are for public order offences.

Barry replied: “It’s not a problem to me. I stand in the corner and stay out of the way.”

Barry was given a six-month conditional discharge and must pay a victim surcharge of £15.

Mr Hoyles said: “I know it’s difficult for you but try and pull your life together. You are at a crossroads in life.

“Improve yourself and try not to come to court quite so regularly.”