Punished six years after committing crime

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A LATVIAN man was sentenced for being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle - six years after he committed the offence.

Ruslan Greznovs, 30, formerly of Grantham but now living in Park Road, Telford, was arrested after being found in drink at the wheel of a car parked in Asda car park in Grantham in June, 2006.

He pleaded not guilty to the offence when it came to court but did not turn up to the trial and so it proceeded in his absence with Greznovs being found guilty in April, 2007.

At the weekend, police in Telford arrested Greznovs and transferred him to Grantham to face sentence for the offence.

Bill Frasier, defending, said: “It appears from what Mr Greznovs has told me that he moved address some time around about the trial date - he cannot be sure.

“He has said that he was not aware of the trial date and if he had been he would have turned up in court.”

The court heard Greznovs earns £1,200 a month as a welder but regularly sends money back home to his wife and daughter in Latvia.

Greznovs was fined £275 and ordered to pay costs of £350 and a £15 surcharge.

He was also given 10 penalty points on his licence.