Pupils propositioned by two men in van on way home from Bingham school

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Police news.
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Two Bingham pupils were propositioned on their way home from school by two males in a white van.

Nottinghamshire Police say that concerns surrounding the incident on Friday, June 5 were raised at a recent local area group meeting.

The two children were asked if they wanted a lift home by the male passenger of the white Ford Transit van whilst it was stationary at a set of traffic lights at the junction of Fairfield Street and Nottingham Road junction.

The matter has been investigated and all the local schools have been made aware.

Police add that it has been reported on social media, causing it to be interpreted as more than an isolated incident. Police have only received one call in relation to this matter.

In light of this incident they are offering the following crime prevention advice:

* Walk in well lit areas during the hours of darkness.

* Try to walk with other people.

* Be aware of your surroundings and who is walking or driving near to you. If you want to listen to music try and only use one earphone so that you can still hear what is happening around you.

* If you suspect you’re being followed, cross over the road to see if they follow. If you’re still worried, don’t hang around, go into a shop or crowded place and if necessary call the Police on 101 or 999.

* Try to keep your valuables out of view. Don’t walk along the street on your mobile phone, this advertises your phone to thieves and distracts you.

* Keep handbags closed, zipped up and buckled. Be extra careful with rucksacks. If someone grabs it, let go. Bags and their contents can be replaced.

* Walk confidently. Have your keys ready before you reach your house so you are ready to get in quickly if you need to.