Put politics aside for the sake of town’s prosperity

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Margaret Thatcher is deserving of recognition by Grantham for being the first female prime minister and being elected three times to the post.

Whilst some may not agree with her politics or with some of the tough decisions she had to make, they should look beyond this and realise that she achieved a huge amount in a highly male-dominated world.

Those against recognising her should reflect on: the majority of UK voters chose to elect her three times;

Many of her policies have been endorsed or built on by both Labour and Conservative governments;

Two Labour Prime Ministers chose to acknowledge her achievements and publicly asked for her advice;

Grantham is a town which is seemingly in economic decline – it needs every boost it can get.

Promoting Margaret Thatcher’s links with the town would give both British and overseas visitors a powerful reason to visit, which would bring in some much needed cash to the town’s economy.

I hope that councillors can put their political bias behind them and take advantage of this unique opportunity to recognise her.

Doing so does not endorse her policies, it simply says she achieved two remarkable milestones in being the first female Prime Minister and winning three general elections.

Jonathan Jackson