‘Put your tie on, Nicholas’ reader tells Grantham MP Nick Boles

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So Mr Boles tells us that he knows which type of MP he wants to be.

Really? Come off it, we all know what type of MP you are already - one that says whatever your ‘mate’ and leader Dave tells you to say.

I hope you are smart enough to gather the clear trend in the letters that were published in last weeks Journal. You are losing the confidence and therefore the votes of the very people who have made Grantham the “safe” Conservative seat that it has been.

I am another one. I have been a Conservative voter for 44 years but if I’m lucky enough to be able to vote in 2015 (assuming you can hold on with your bedmates that long) I won’t be doing so again.

I hope that many others like me will vote with their conscience and not their blinkered stubbornness and see you become one of the many MPs that are soon forgotten! By the way, be honest to yourself, put your tie back on and call yourself Nicholas.


Worcester Road, Grantham