Q&A: TV Louis not going to sweat the small stuff

Louis appeared on the show "Sweat the Small Stuff" on Tuesday night.
Louis appeared on the show "Sweat the Small Stuff" on Tuesday night.
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Grantham lad Louis Maier made a guest appearance on BBC Three’s “Sweat The Small Stuff” on Tuesday night - and caused gasps from the live audience.

Louis was invited on to show off his tattoo, featured in the Journal, showing Margaret Thatcher fused with an ice cream cone.

But instead he stole the show with his latest piece of body art - created just hours before his appearance on the show by tattooist Darren “Paddy” Paddison - a portrait of the presenter of the show and Radio One DJ Nick Grimshaw.

We caught up with Louis this week to discuss his new-found stardom.

Q) When did you have your first tattoo?

A) I can’t really tell you that...it was illegal at the time.

Q) Okay...what was it?

A) I think the first tattoo I had...it was so long ago...I think I was 17 and had a little dragon on my arm.

Q) Were you hooked straight away? Did more soon follow?

A) No, I didn’t get another one for about five years then I went out of town - this was before I met Paddy - and had a bit of work done. Then I heard about Paddy and what he was doing and he sorted my sleeve out. Pretty much every week after that I was in getting another tattoo done.

Q) Now you’re a tattooist yourself...

A) I’ve been doing an apprenticeship since April, 2011 - which is how it should be done. I wanted to do it properly. I would say I’ve only just stopped doing the apprenticeship to be honest but I’m still learning.

Q) How did the Thatcher tattoo come about?

A) I was toying with ideas and then Paddy drew it up and put it with Mr Whippy and I thought it was too comical not to do it. ..and it’s got me on TV now.

Q) How did you come to appear on the BBC Three show?

A) They got in touch last week, we filmed it last Friday and it was on TV on Tuesday night.

Q) The idea was to show off the Thatcher tattoo but you had a surprise too...

A) Yeah we worked on the new tattoo at 11pm the night before. I thought it would get a reaction and it gives me something to remember the day.

Q) Nick Grimshaw looked pretty shocked when he saw his face on your leg...

A) He didn’t know about the new one! It was kept secret from him and it was up to me how I revealed it. But he loved it. He was talking about it on his radio show the next day. I think he was shocked at first - anybody would be shocked - but I asked him and he said he loved it. He wasn’t offended. He thought it was really nice.

Q) Did you enjoy the experience?

A) Yeah I did. It was an all expenses paid trip down there. The filming took five hours though for a 30 minute show! And they cut out a lot of the funniest bits but there’s an extended version on Friday night so I’ll have to watch. Nick Grimshaw was really sharp and witty and the Geordie comedian (Chris Ramsey) was absolutely brilliant but they cut most of his stuff

Q) Any more portraits planned?

A) Not at the moment. It was a good joke and a good experience...and I got to meet Frankie from The Saturdays so it can’t be bad!