Q&A with Anne and Andrew Jablonski

Andrew and Anne Jablonski will begin life at their new church in Bromley in November.
Andrew and Anne Jablonski will begin life at their new church in Bromley in November.
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The Rev Anne and the Rev Andrew Jablonski have both worked in Grantham since 2009 - Anne at St Wulfram’s and Andrew at the Church of the Ascension in Edinburgh Road. However, both will leave their posts next week to take up a new role, together, at Bromley Parish Church.

The Journal caught up with the couple before they packed their bags.

What brought you to Grantham back in 2009?

Andrew: When you come you come as a curate so it is more to do with the minister. In our case it was Chris Andrews who made us want to come here.

Anne: At college they told us it doesn’t matter what the church is like it’s the vicar!

Andrew: I think we wanted to be in a market town as well. Grantham’s a nice size and we didn’t really want to be in a rural area where we would have to drive for miles around.

What brought you to this career path?

Anne: I had been a chemistry teacher for 13 years and I was thinking about a move. I realised that my favourite part of the week was when I led the Christian Scripture Union group on a lunch time. I used to look forward to my turn to do the assembly while the other teachers dreaded it!

There was someone from scripture union who used to come and lead the group and one day she said she was leaving. I wrote to Scripture Union and ended up working for them as a schools worker for five years.

That was my taste of full-time church ministry.

Andrew: We were also part of a lovely church for 30 years ourselves and we were always leading and doing things in the community.

What have been the highlights of your time here?

Anne: I think the Alpha course has been a real highlight - seeing new people come to faith and seeing people that have been in the church a long time having their experience enlivened...

Andrew: ...and the children’s work, making things more exciting. For instance we have a Look Up group for primary school children. There have been lots of highlights but just doing the regular things - getting to meet people, their families, doing baptisms and weddings - are all highlights.

Anne: We’ve been very happy here for the last three years. We’ve made lots of friends and people have been so welcoming, supportive and encouraging.

What will you miss most about Grantham?

Andrew: There are lots of nice things about Grantham but one thing I would mention is how close all the ministers are from the different churches in the town. They are all very close and are always talking, working together and supporting each other.

Anne: I think that is very unusual. It’s not something you get in most towns.

Andrew: Anne and I can do things in each other’s churches, which has been helpful. But the thing I love here is you can go into town on a Saturday and spend your whole day walking up and down the street and people will stop and talk to you. People, some from church, some not, will just stop and chat. The market is great for that.