Quiet and sunny day as Grantham awaits EDL demo

Protesters gathering outside the Blue Bull in Grantham
Protesters gathering outside the Blue Bull in Grantham
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The sun was shining, but there was a sombre mood in Grantham this morning as the town awaited the arrival of English Defence LEague protesters.

There was a heavy police presence, both on foot and in vehicles, around the town centre and St Peter’s Hill had barriers around it.

Around 250 EDL supporters are expected to arrive and a police spokesman said the weather would not necessarily affect the turn-out.

“Our plans are in place,” he said. “There is no reaosn to change anything at this stage.”

EDL supporters have begun to gather outside the (closed until noon) Blue Ball pub on Westgate.

They are expected to begin a march along Wharf Road to the town centre at 1.30pm. A counter demonstration by a group calling themselves Grantham Solidarity Network will be waiting for them in the gardens off Avenue Road.

EDL expect the rally, including speeches by key figures, to last two hours. The group is opposing a plan for a Muslim community centre on land at Mowbeck Way, off Alexandra Road, Grantham.