Radio joke was very hurtful to Earlesfield

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I wish to complain about the Gravity FM presenter Simon Wright of the Sunday lunchtime show on 4th December, regarding a comment he made.

I was most annoyed, as were many people that rang me to complain.

He said he had “received an Earlesfield Advent Calendar, but all the doors were smashed in and the chocolates stolen.”

I was absolutely fuming when I heard it and rang Simon to complain and told him he was out of order. What sort of signal was this sending out to people re the Earlesfield Estate?

It was the Earlesfield girls that secured a £1,000 donation, and raised £168 at Grantham Carnival for Gravity FM.

You are a community radio station. One does not expect to hear a presenter denegrating an estate that wholeheartedly supports Gravity FM.

At least two of your presenters live on the estate and you have held your meetings on the Earlesfield estate.

I am most annoyed and would like to see some action taken on this.

The estate can take a joke, but this overstepped the mark.

Anne Clark

via email