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Grantham Journal letter: MPs bring their own judgements

The sad resignation of Nick Boles from the Conservative party after the second series of indicative votes in the Commons is a salutary lesson on how dangerous ideological dogma is in modern politics.

Not for the first time, the Commons failed to compromise around arrangements which would mean leaving the EU but also protecting our citizens’ rights and economic interests.

I have problems with Nick’s ‘Common Market 2.0’, but it was a compromise that could have started the process of healing a divided nation.

Following the berating Nick has received from extremists in his local party association, which led to his resignation last month, the indulgent extremism from Conservatives in the Commons [on Monday night] was clearly the last straw. It is hard to leave a party that you have put your heart and soul into.

As a former chairman of Grantham Labour Party, I obviously have political differences with Nick Boles and some would say we should relish the moment. But I have no sense of schadenfreude over this.

Like Nick, I believe in a plural politics where we work together to solve problems in a pragmatic way to get the best results for all the people. There is nothing noble in majoritarian fatalism; slavishly following a flawed referendum that has been undermined by criminality and leads to a Brexit that causes immense damage to the nation’s economy and standing in the world would be a huge and shameful abrogation of responsibility.

MPs are not delegates. They are representatives and bring with them there own expertise and judgement. Indeed, we expect them to be able to look at the evidence, assess it and make the best decisions for us all on the basis of their endeavour.

At this critical moment in our history, the baying of the mob needs to cease. We should encourage and support all our representatives to seek solutions that are based on compromise and to holster their ideologies.

I applaud Nick for trying to do this. In his own words, he failed and he has paid the ultimate price and sacrificed his political career.

Rob Shorrock, New Beacon Road, Grantham

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