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Readers respond to 'disgruntled millennial' whose letter called Grantham's elderly 'rude' and disrespectful to younger generations

Last week, we published a letter by 'disgruntled millennial' who said she believes many elderly people in Grantham are 'rude' and show little respect for younger generations.

We received a number of letters in response.

Here they are:

Reader letter (14495147)
Reader letter (14495147)

* As an 82-year-old part of the older generation, I believe that last week’s ‘disgruntled millennial’ (Journal, August 2) needs educating about the older generation.

As children we walked one and a half miles to school and the same home. We never complained.

Home often meant trying to sleep in an air raid shelter, listening to Hitler’s bombs. We made the best of it and tried to enjoy it .

At school we had classmates who had lost their dads in the war; we cried with them.

As young men we went into the armed services at 18 to 19 years old and were paid less than a pound a week. We enjoyed it and learnt to be men.

Later on, when we went back to work, transport was walking or cycling. No cars supplied by parents in those days.

The milk was delivered in bottles; we washed the empties and left them on the step. We never heard the word ‘recycling’ then, we just used common sense.

We bought shopping in paper bags, then walked it home. Again, not to save the planet just common sense.

Plastic, with all its problems, was yet to be invented.

I could go on like this for pages galore, but I think you get the message.

‘Disgruntled millennial’ knows very little about the older generation. Even her reference tolarge pensions is nonsense; most pensioners live on incomes below the state minimum rate. As for houses, they paid for them for 25 years or more.

I suggest she gets some education on this subject before making a fool of herself.

Ken Wingad, Manthorpe

* Having been born in 1952, may I reply to ‘disgruntled millennial’?

I was taught at school that wheat crops are best in areas where average summer temperatures are 60F and in winter 40F. That explains northern China growing wheat and southern growing rice, and indeed explains oats in Scotland.

I was also taught that the hills just outside Grantham were part of an oolitic limestone ridge that stretches toward Newcastle; oolitic limestone is formed on the seabed so at some stage the Grantham are was under the sea,which proves climate change does occur, or is the last Ice Age a fairytale?

When I was in the Merchant Navy we had a nemonic (aid to memory) on the hurricane season in the North Atlantic which went “June too soon, July stand by, August the worst, September remember, October all over,” so when we get regular hurricanes in November climate change will be proved.

Not all silly old fools disbelieve climate change, and we are not all ignorant.

Chris Bunting, Long Bennington

* I feel disgusted and angry at the remarks within the letter by ‘disgruntled millennial’.

I am supposing the writer would class me as elderly, but in no way am I, or have ever been, rude to the younger generation.

As for sitting on our hefty pensions and paid-for houses, we have worked hard for what we own.

Being in full-time employment since the age of 16, paying full taxes and planning for our later years even then.I might add without taking any benefits or grants to help us do so.

Regarding the comment about paid-for houses, we have had a mortgage to buy our property, like many others our age, but we had to find 25 per cent deposit before such was agreed. There wasn’t an opportunity for 100 per cent mortgages.

The person writing this letter is asking us to respect the younger generation. I do, but to a person that will write a letter as such, NO I DON’T.

I will admit that some elderly can be impatient and ill mannered, I have felt that myself.

But you, young lady, or man, have yet to get old and sometimes feel lonely, as many do.

If you don’t want to live in a town full of the elderly, as you put it, move...but I can’t see that happeningas property elsewhere is more expensive, to rent or buy.

* How can ‘disgruntled millennial’ tar all Grantham elderly with the same brush?

You recently printed my letter concerning a near run-in as a pedestrian with a millennial cyclist.

I was not born in Grantham but have lived here over 20 years, having retired after working over 44 years.

I have never found anything but courtesy and helpfulness from all ages in Grantham.

I wouldn’t dream of not saying thank you when someone helps or holds open a door for me – yes, it still happens.

I’d like to know who has my “hefty pension” and “paid-for home”.

My starting wage was under £2 per week.

Having done over 30 years of youth work in my spare time I have always had the youth in mind.

Can I suggest that he/she does some community work and learns it takes all types to make up this world of ours.

Has he/she never had a bad day?

Take no notice, people of Grantham, you are doing fine.

Jean Taylor, Allington

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