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Readers write about their dismay at traffic 'nightmare' around Grantham McDonald's

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Readers have written into the Journal with their opinions of the traffic problems around McDonald's in Bridge End Road, Grantham, following last week's letter from Trevor Leeson who described it as an 'everlasting bottleneck'.

Plans should not have been granted

In my opinion, McDonald’s should never have been given planning permission at such a busy junction.

Grantham McDonald's (54276349)
Grantham McDonald's (54276349)

It not only affects London Road, but also traffic coming down Springfield Road and is an absolute nightmare!

May I suggest that it should re-locate to where Aldi is currently located. McDonald’s in Stamford is located outside of the town and has no problem with customers getting to it.

Julie Walker

By email

You should hang heads in shame

With reference to the congestion at McDonald’s , Grantham, I have written to the district and county council about this months ago to explain the problems.

The planners who gave consent for this development should hang their heads in shame for not spotting the potential pitfalls of building such an outlet on the busiest junction in Grantham. The following is an explanation of the problems caused.

Each night and particularly Friday between 5.40pm and 7.40pm there is major congestion being caused by drivers queueing to get to McDonald’s. These queues sometimes run right through to the lights near Screwfix on Springfield Road and beyond the Barracks on Somerby Hill. There are also queues on South Parade and from Sainsbury’s.

It can take over 40 minutes to get from the barracks to the traffic lights at McDonald’s on a Friday due to cars trying to enter McDonald’s.

These queues are being caused by maybe 20 cars trying to access the McDonald’s site and queueing on the road, but they are involving hundreds of vehicles who are just trying to pass through but are blocked because the road is blocked.

Cars are also constantly trying to make a right turn onto the McDonald’s site and this is responsible for the queues up South Parade and Springfield Road.

Most Fridays queues are so bad that frustrated car drivers are driving along pavements to avoid the massive queues. The new bypass will not help this as most are coming to or from Grantham and area. To allow the building of this business in that location was clearly a ridiculous decision but having allowed it, it is up to the council to find a solution to the consequences. One solution is to stop right turns onto the site and to ban queueing for access. But whatever it is, something needs to be done as someone is going to get hurt or worse if it continues.

Peter Nichols

By email

Roundabout is not the solution

Further to the comment made about a traffic bottleneck at the McDonald’s entrance. YES this is a persistent problem, a suggestion of a mini-roundabout at Houghton Road would not resolve this, the problem is not at the entrance to this street.

I live on Houghton Road, a mini-roundabout here would only make the situation worse. A traffic island blocking any right turn into McDonald’s may be a solution, but that may not be reasonably affective. The totally best solution for this would be to relocate McDonald’s away from this major road junction and alleviate potential traffic issues for all, especially local residents living in the vicinity of McDonald’s, also reducing a mass litter problem from discarded McDonald’s food wrappers and food.

Gareth Phillips

By email

Why have ‘Keep Clear’ boxes here?

The flow of traffic turning from London Road into Bridge End road is frequently obstructed by a driver wishing to turn right into McDonald’s and the traffic from Bridge End Road is sometimes interrupted by McDonald’s patrons parked on the ‘Keep Clear’ box.

To have ‘Keep Clear’ boxes on Manthorpe Road at the entrance to the hospital would be sensible but why for a fast-food outlet?

George Roe

By email

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