‘Recreational drug user’ stole twice in ten minutes

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A RECREATIONAL drug user who stole from two Grantham stores in ten minutes and then breached his bail spent two weeks in custody.

Neil Redding, of Archers Way, Great Ponton, was spotted by security staff at B&M Bargains stealing beer and noodles from the shelves.

He was followed out of the store but then dropped the bag of goods before fleeing the scene. However, he was picked up by police a short time later.

After he was arrested, police became suspicious that he may have been involved in another shop theft committed just ten minutes earlier at Asda.

A check of the store’s CCTV showed Redding stealing a CD worth £12.97.

Redding also admitted stealing a jar of coffee from Poundland in Grantham and two bail act offences after failing to appear in court. He spent two weeks in custody awaiting his court appearance after failing to answer bail.

He also admitted being in breach of a conditional discharge.

Rory Macmillan, defending, described Redding as a “recreational drug user”.

Mr Macmillan said: “These offences were committed during a short period when his benefits were stopped after he missed an appointment.

“He was not aware of missing an appointment. The first he was aware was when his benefits were stopped.”

Redding was given a two-year community order, including supervision from the probation service and mandatory attendance of a “thinking skills” programme.

He must also pay a contribution to costs of £40 and £1 in compensation to Poundland.