Rejection of Manthorpe plan really is great news

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What good news regarding the Planning Inspector’s rejection of Larkfields Homes proposal to build at least 1,000 homes at Manthorpe.

Can they now forward plans for some of the derelict and redundant brownfield sites around town - rather than gunning for beautiful greenbelt?

There are plenty of them, which could help finance the by-pass instead of developing on green fields - every one of them valuable for future generations to appreciate nature and the countryside - notwithstanding the need for future food production.

On a completely different subject, I also agree with much that has been said about the futility of wind turbines.

I saw a letter recently that suggested the whole of Wales would have to be covered with these uneconomic monstrosities to provide anything like the output of one conventional power station.

And of course there is still the need for the power station to back up these low output turbines.

I’ve asked many a time what is the energy carbon footprint used to manufacture, transport and install such so called renewable energy devices, unwillingly paid for via our household energy bills - another tax!

However, I have yet to receive an answer to my question. I’m not sure anyone really knows. If they do know, it probably makes the equations look even more ridiculous.

David Ridgers

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