Remnants of China 88 are gone as new ‘Jubilee’ sign goes up in Grantham

New 'Jubilee' sign replaces 'China 88'.
New 'Jubilee' sign replaces 'China 88'.
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An enthusiastic team of volunteers from Grantham Sunrise Rotary Club were at the Jubilee Church Life Centre in London Road, Grantham, on Sunday morning.

Their challenge? To remove the old ‘China 88’ restaurant sign and replace it with a new ‘Jubilee’ sign.

Eric and Pat Whittaker from the Jubilee Church had previously given a talk on their work to the Grantham Sunrise Rotary Club, which led president Andre Finney to ask what further help the centre needed.

The answer was help to replace the sign emblazoned with ‘China 88’ which remained in place even when the Chinese buffet restaurant closed in April 2009.

With the help of Jackson Buildbase, which provided a tower scaffold, Rotarians got to work.

Eric and Pat said they were delighted with the result and the people of Grantham will now see a new illuminated sign that bears the logo of the Jubilee Church Life Centre.