Repair work will bring new lease of life to Viking Way in Denton

The Viking Way.
The Viking Way.
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A Site of Special Scientific Interest on the Viking Way at Denton will be revitalised by upcoming improvement works.

The latest work will focus on repairing the wear and tear caused by previous use, and should be completed in time for the August Bank Holiday. The work will include levelling and filling in ruts.

For a number of years, Lincolnshire County Council, Natural England and the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust have worked together to protect the Drift, near Denton, an important section of the route that provides a unique habitat for many endangered flora and fauna.

Mark Heaton, area highways manager, said: “The Viking Way is an important part of our heritage, and the Drift is an especially important area. We want to be sure that this site remains in good condition so it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations. This work will give the area a new lease of life, protecting and enhancing one of our most valuable natural environments.”

The work will cost £13,000 and will be met by the partners.