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Grantham rescue centre issues hedgehog heatwave warning

A Grantham hedgehog rescue centre has issued advice on protecting hedgehogs in the heat after being inundated with calls from worried members of the public.

Janet Peto, who runs Hedgehog Welfare in Grantham, hopes to raise more awareness about the plight of hedgehogs amid concerns of their dwindling numbers.

She said: "We may well be enjoying this heat wave - but hedgehogs are not. We are taking lots of calls about hogs in trouble due to a lack of food and water.

Hedgehogs need particular help during hot weather.
Hedgehogs need particular help during hot weather.

"Please can you leave out lots of water (plant pot saucers are fine) and scatter a few chicken based kitten or cat biscuits on your grass or patio.

"Always check there is water in the dishes before you go to bed. Leaving out food and water can make the difference between life and death to some animals."

She also issued further guidance on what to do if you see a hedgehog out during the day.

She added: "If you see a hedgehog out between 8am to 5pm there is usually something wrong with it. Hedgehogs never sunbathe and if you see flies round a hedgehog pick it up as soon as possible.

"If you find a hedgehog in trouble put it in a highsided cardboard or plastic box or a pet carrier, with several layers of newspaper torn into one-inch strips. If you do not have newspaper, kitchen roll works well but is a lot more expensive. Leave food and water in the box for the hedgehog.

"Please remember to cover the box with an large piece of net curtaining or sheeting to keep out flies.

"If you do find a hedgehog, the sooner you phone us the better chance we have to save it."

The current heatwave has meant that the centre have not been able to release any hedgehogs at present but have lots ready that are ready to go.

Janet added: " Our carers are doing a fantastic job and some have taken on extra hedgehogs to help out."

Janet Peto has been looking after hedgehogs for over 40 years. She founded Hedgehog Welfare in 1993 and gives talks and training on hog care.

They do not take phonecalls after 9pm but the telephone is on 24 hours a day, but please only call after 10pm if it is an emergency as hedgehog carers need their sleep.

For more information, call Janet on 07940 714830.

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