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Resident writes letter to voice objections to planned development south of Barrowby Road in Grantham

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A resident has written a letter to express concerns over a planned development and its potential impact on "blackspot" junction.

Journal reader, Tom O'Brien, of Worcester Road, Grantham, submitted a letter voicing objections to a proposed development to the south of Barrowby Road.

The letter said: "I write with the strongest possible objection to the proposed development south of Barrowby Road and encourage others to voice their objections.

The A52 junction to get on the A1 southbound. (49670901)
The A52 junction to get on the A1 southbound. (49670901)

"Frankly speaking, I am surprised that this proposal, from Grantham Estates has even come to this stage!

"Even before this proposal, the location was totally unsuitable for traffic management as it is currently set-up. To add any additional traffic beggars belief.

"Already, the southbound A1 slip road to the A52 is a blackspot. If no car passenger has yet been killed or seriously injured attempting to join the Grantham bound A52, from the A1, then this is merely the result of good luck.

"There are times when one joins that slip road and to reach the actual crossing of the A52 can take many minutes. Then there is the peril of actually crossing the road.

"The A52 coming from Nottingham and points west is a busy road for both private and heavy commercial traffic and there is no traffic management system in place.

"Coupled with poor visibility back along the A52, in the direction of oncoming traffic from Grantham and all the conditions for a serious accident are present.

"To add to this, there is also a new housing development called the Colleys which again is loading traffic, in both directions, onto the already busy A52.

"Additional to this, is what seems to be further significant housing developments on the large site to the north of Barrowby Road - opposite the Colleys site. Whether this traffic flows directly onto the A52 or will do so via the Muddle Go Nowhere roundabout is irrelevant. Though the latter option might reduce some risk.

"It is also not unreasonable to suggest that when the shopping village at King 31, south of Grantham, is completed, this will add further strain on an already overloaded and very poorly managed road system, with additional traffic from the direction of Nottingham.

"So, the existing A52 road is overloaded at the A1 south junction, the development at the Colleys has simply added to that overload, as will the new housing on the North of Barrowby Road.

"To propose adding further to this burden is unacceptable and should be rejected. Consider also, that the proposal talks of ‘drive thru units’ suggesting that the aim is for an even greater traffic burden of short-term motor-vehicle borne

Tom O’Brien, Worcester Road, Grantham

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