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Right turn into Grantham McDonald’s causes 'everlasting bottleneck'

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I would like to send a message to the Highways Committee who sit in their nice warm office in far away Lincoln.

If you were ever to venture into our little town you would probably notice the everlasting bottleneck in London Road caused by those people, desperate to sample the haute cuisine on offer at McDonald’s, who will wait to turn right off Bridge End Road for however long it takes, keeping the traffic queuing on what is still the main East/West thoroughfare across Grantham.

May I suggest that you look at the feasibility of a mini-roundabout at the end of Houghton Road with access to McDonald's only by the roundabout and a “No right turn” sign to indicate this?


It would, I am sure, prevent a lot of frustration suffered by the drivers who spend much of their time waiting behind other drivers so desperate to sample these culinary delights.

Trevor Leeson

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