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Rocket Espresso Coffee Machines - What's So Special?

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Rocket Espresso machines…you may have heard of this brand name, which doesn’t have the most history in the industry but their machines are certainly making waves in the industry.

A quick look at some of the espresso machines and you are likely to see what an impressive design they have, but it isn’t all about looks. In fact, you need much more than just a good looking machine, you need the ability to make a beautiful cup of coffee!

Rocket Espresso machines have an Italian history and philosophy which lends itself to real quality.

Rocket Espresso machine. Photo: coffeefriend.co.uk
Rocket Espresso machine. Photo: coffeefriend.co.uk

Rocket Espresso Milano, the Brand History

The brand follows the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’ translated to, ‘made by hand’.

The machines are made by a small crew of very talented craftsmen and they make espresso machines for both the domestic and the commercial market, and the quality is undeniable. Only the very best parts are used and the products are made with amazing attention to detail.

The brand was born out of a partnership between Italian Daniele Berenbruch and Andrew Meo from New Zealand. While they can’t compete with the history of some Italian brands, their products have grown at a rapid rate.

Rocket espresso coffee machines claim to deliver the “finest espresso” but you will find that virtually every brand has a similar promise. Let’s look at some of their flagship models.

Rocket Espresso “EPICA”

This is a semi-automatic coffee machine with a really traditional look, which is said to combine both tradition and the very latest in tech.

The machine can be used with an inbuilt water tank, great for portable use, but you can also connect it to the mains supply, perfect for use in your kitchen.

Epica has an adjustable pump pressure and you can use the manual lever to adjust it. The boiler has a capacity of 3.6 liters.

This isn’t a cheap coffee machine, but for the real home coffee aficionados, this could be a really great option for precise brewing and lots of control.

Rocket Espresso “CRONOMETRO R”

This model is designed to be closer to the commercial espresso range. The premium level of brewing has the sort of features you would expect when visiting a commercial coffee shop. These include insulated boilers, temperature control, and a digital timer. The “R” in the name comes from the rotary pump, which helps with quiet performance.

The product comes in a couple of different models. “Giotto” which has an angled Rocket body and a cup warmer that can be removed. The “Mozzafiato” has a built-in cup warmer.

The manual frother on this model lets you steam and froth milk to create drinks like cappuccino and latte in the comfort of your own home.

If you want a high level of barista-style quality in your own home, the Cronometro R gives you that level of professionalism and means there are no limits to the amazing coffee you can provide at home.

Milk steamer. Photo: coffeefriend.co.uk
Milk steamer. Photo: coffeefriend.co.uk

Benefits of an Espresso Coffee Machine

With so many types of coffee machines on the market, what is the benefit of this type of machine including the Rocket Espresso Coffee Machines range?

Barista-style coffee. With Rocket Espresso coffee machines, you’ll find that you can make any variety of coffee. Your options for barista-style drinks such as latte, cappuccino, and more, are all easily achieved within your own home. There is a higher skill level involved, but coffee aficionados tend to have a handle of the preparation methods.

Longevity. Well looked after, a brilliant product like Rocket Espresso Coffee Machines can last for a very long time, and the manufacturers offer support when it comes to maintenance and replacing parts if needed in the future.

The freshest coffee. You can grind coffee beans and create the freshest drinks possible, using fresh milk or plant milk and freshly roasted coffee beans, you can make a drink along the lines of the coffee shop beverages you love, with the convenience of a home espresso machine, and fresh ingredients. You would not get the same level of freshness with a pod or capsule coffee machine.


The Rocket brand has become very popular in a limited period of time. It was launched in 2007, but in the years since the brand has supplied handmade coffee machines all over the world, both for domestic and commercial use. To compete with brands that have been around for 50 years or more, it is clear that this Italian brand has an amazing range of products.

If you are looking for this level of quality, and the freshest coffee possible from a machine that could last decades (if looked after) then the brand is definitely one to consider. You need to know your way around a coffee machine, but if you’ve got some barista skills then Rocket’s range could fly you to a better quality of coffee.

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