Rotary club wants to sponsor young person for leadership award

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Grantham Kesteven Rotary Club is looking for a young person between the ages of 18 and 26 to sponsor for this year’s Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

The club wants to sponsor somebody who “shows the potential and inclination to give leadership to youth through voluntary and/or vocational activities”. The club bears the entire cost of the course.

The student selected must have reached their 18th birthday by the start of the course and they must commit to the full week, a residential course at Grafham Water Centre in Cambridgeshire, from July 26 to August 2.

In the first instance the club asks for a short letter of application where the student has the opportunity to tell them about themselves and how they would benefit from going on the course. Suitable students will be interviewed before a place is offered.

Proposed candidates should look at the website to find out about RYLA and what the course entails before they come for interview. The registration form on the website is for the candidate who is selected so does not have to be completed at this stage but it does contain useful information for possible candidates.

The website is at Also more details and contacts on the Roray facebook page at