Santa gets lift in police car to Grantham nursery after breakdown on A1

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Santa Claus swapped sleigh bells for sirens after breaking down while flying up the A1 to visit children at a Grantham nursery today.

Jolly old St. Nick was due to deliver presents to a group of three and four-year-olds at Stepping Stones nursery on Agnes Street this lunchtime.

PC Bown, daughter Piper Bown and Santa with his new mode of transportation.

PC Bown, daughter Piper Bown and Santa with his new mode of transportation.

However although he is normally able to travel around the world without any problems, today he found himself grounded on the A1 just outside Colsterworth.

Unsure what to do, he called nursery manager Nicky Pugh and deputy manager Tracy Dixon who came up with a plan - to call the police.

The father of one of the nursery’s children, three-year-old Piper Bown, is PC Bown who was able to give Kris Kringle a lift.

To keep his change in transport a suprise for the children, the staff began ‘Operation Santa’ and announced to the youngsters that Father Christmas was stranded in his broken down sleigh.

After encouraging the crowd of kids to shout for Santa, the nursery staff were delighted at their reaction when he finally appeared in the police car with sirens blaring.

While it appeared that Santa had been naughty not nice, the children soon discovered that he was not actually in custody, but had been rescued, along with a sack full of presents.

Nicky said: “The police saved the day. It’s great that we can call on them for help and show the children that they are there for the whole community.”

Meanwhile the whereabouts of the reindeer are not yet known.