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Grantham-educated scientist gave up his career and turned writer to convert climate change sceptics

A former Grantham school pupil with a PhD in Physics gave up his career to join the fight against climate change.

Dr Louis Keal, an ex-King’s School pupil with a promising career and a PhD in Physics gained at ESPCI, the prestigious Parisian scientific university, has sacrificed his career as he strives to inspire action on climate change.

At 31, Louis was a Birmingham-based product marketing manager for a US-based company which designs and manufactures high-end scientific cameras.


He enjoyed his £45k a year job, but he gave it up to try and do everything in his power to persuade people to take appropriate, urgent action against climate change.

So, he resigned from his job, leaping off the career ladder to write his new book, A Gift for Conversation: Let’s Discuss Climate Change.

The book’s USP is not to preach to the converted, but to get those who already see the climate emergency, to buy the book and give it as a gift to family, friends or colleagues who don’t.

Louis’ book is designed to start difficult conversations about how climate change is affecting all our lives and show what they can do about it; the book also includes an interactive element – parts are written by the giver, telling their own stories of awakening to the danger of the climate emergency.

Louis said: “All of us who have become aware of the horrifying reality of climate change still know many people looking the other way.

"This book is designed to be a gentle but firm way to shake someone awake. Our response to climate change must start with communities working together, but that can only begin once we’re all on board and talking about it.”

There is also a deeply personal incentive for Louis to pursue action on climate change – he would dearly love to become a father, but with world governments’ “current levels of delay and inactivity,” he felt he “couldn’t intentionally bring a child into the world to face the future that our governments are choosing."

Louis added: “The world’s scientists are crystal clear on this: We have barely two or three years to bring about massive transformation to our economy to phase out fossil fuels and restore natural habitats.

"The world we could choose to create through adequate climate action could be incredible – but instead, we’re currently on course for unimaginable suffering. I could never ask a young person to face that world.

“I left my job, devoted many months to researching and writing the book, with the help of friends, fellow-activists and scientists, and invested thousands of pounds to make this project happen. I hope it gives people the power to win hearts and change minds.”

The book will be available via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, with the first edition printing and shipping in October, with over £2,000 pledged so far by backers.

Find more out about the book by visiting: www.agiftforconversation.com

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