Secularism should not involve attacking religion

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I feel the need to comment on the aspersions made regarding secularism.Secularism involves the separation of church and state, for the benefit of all parties.

It does not involve attacking Christianity. Secularists believe that no religion should be state-endorsed or granted privileges, and that government should maintain a strict neutrality with respect to all creeds and religious groups.

Believers of all descriptions can practise their beliefs with freedom, while the state is prevented from imposing legislation in the favour of any one religious doctrine.

It ensures freedom of religion, but freedom from it, too. With regards to prayers being banned from the agendas of council meetings, how would Christians feel if it Islamic, Buddhist or Jedi forms of worship were conducted during official business?

With a tax-paying public composed of people from different faiths — including a growing community of non-believers, no particular religion should be endorsed by local, or national government.

The Christian community and its traditions are strong enough to survive without bishops in the House of Lords, or Godly invocations before discussions for a bypass.

Laurence McAlindon

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