Seeing red over South Kesteven District Council’s green bin service

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I am now paying £25 a year to have my green bins half emptied.

When I rang to complain, I was told that the green bin men aren’t allowed to use a spade to free the garden rubbish stuck in a bin - I presume health and safety or being unqualified to jab a spade or a “pointed stick” or similar.

I was asked if the grass cuttings had been in there for 2 weeks - I told her yes because the bin is only collected every 2 weeks! They will be in there for 4 weeks next time!

I was asked if they were wet. This summer? Was she having a laugh?

I was told that I had to get a spade or similar to loosen it all, which my wife did as I am in a wheelchair and guess what? - it all came loose at the first jab!

Fit for service? Not a lot!


The Firs

Main Street