Shadow policing minister to see Lincolnshire police’s frontline efforts

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Shadow policing minister Jack Dromey will be spending time with Lincolnshire Police today as part of a visit to the East Midlands.

Mr Dromey will arrive at West Parade Police Station in Lincoln at 10.30am and have discussions with both Chief Constable Neil Rhodes and Deputy Chief Constable Heather Roach as well as senior detectives before going on patrol with uniformed officers in Lincoln at 11.45pm.

Chief Constable Neil Rhodes says he and Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick invited a number of MPs from all parties to visit after the force received the assessment of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary of being, ‘Outstanding’ at delivering affordable policing’.

Chief Constable Neil Rhodes said that they would point out that the report also confirmed the efforts being made by the force in securing front line posts and the, ‘very effective approach to reducing non-pay costs’.

“We have been able to do this in co-operation with our private sector partner which manages numerous areas for us including premises, ICT and fleet,” he said. “This means that currently we are able to have 86% of our workforce allocated to frontline roles - which is well above the national average of 78%. “ HMIC noted as ‘commendable’ that by March 2015, 93% of those will be on frontline crime-fighting roles,” said Mr Rhodes.

“We look forward to talking to Mr Dromey about this but both myself and Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick acknowledge that there are considerable financial challenges for the force beyond 2016 - if the Government cuts to police funding continue.”