Shame river through Grantham is used ‘as dumping ground’

Rivercare volunteers
Rivercare volunteers
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Eighteen Rivercare volunteers turned out on Saturday to clean up the River Witham.

Rivercare adopted the stretch of river from Bridge End Road to Harrowby Mill some 12 years ago, and since then has completed over 60 clean-ups.

Grantham Rivercare leader John Knowles said: “As is tradition with Rivercare, it was a fine morning and the team soon got stuck into clearing rubbish from the river and surrounding areas.

“Considering there have been several clean-ups in recent weeks a surprising amount had accumulated. Most people appreciate this beautiful stretch of river, but a small minority seem to delight in using it as a dumping ground. If only one person could be caught and charged it might be deterrent to others.

“Thankfully, there are wonderful volunteers who are prepared to go out picking up other people’s rubbish. What a state the river would be without their efforts.”

After two hours of hard work, volunteers’ efforts produced 12 sacks – weighing 51.5 kg – containing mainly bottles and cans. Items included a bike, skateboard, scooter, wheel, traffic cone, metal chair and a heavy cast iron fence panel.

Rivercare is supported by Keep Britain Tidy and sponsored by Anglian Water and Sainsbury’s.