Shooting hoops at Priory Ruskin

Basketball sessions are held on Thursday evenings.
Basketball sessions are held on Thursday evenings.
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THIS week the Journal joined aspiring Dirk Nowitzkis at Priory Ruskin Academy for a social basketball session.

The sessions are held at the school every Thursday night and are open to all over-15s, no matter their ability.

The group regularly gets more than a dozen players coming along from secondary school teens to 30-somethings looking to return to the sport.

In my case, it was a return to the sport after more than ten years, having briefly played while at secondary school.

England basketball coach Glenn Bradbury runs the sessions.

He said: “ It’s the equivelent of having a kick around with football. It’s important everyone enjoys the sessions and I think that’s the case.”

The sessions are one hour long and split in half, with the first half an hour concentrating on helping improve skills such as passing and lay-ups and the second allowing everyone to break into a game.

Glenn, who is heavily involved with the Grantham Swallows basketball team, is pleased with the numbers but hopes to encourage youngsters from a wide variety of town schools.

He said: “We get a lot of players from King’s but we’d like to see more from Central School and others coming along.”

Each session costs £2.50 for an hour.