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Shoplifters who plagued Grantham are jailed

Two shoplifters who have plagued the Grantham area have been given prison sentences and orders banning them from retail premises.

Both carried out their thefts separately, but were on the radar of officers from the local Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) as a result of their criminal activity.

Following investigations which have included viewing CCTV footage, enquiries within the local community, and the SKDC CCTV department, they have now been jailed.

Colin Johns has been jailed for 12 months for shoplifting offences. Photo: Lincolnshire Police
Colin Johns has been jailed for 12 months for shoplifting offences. Photo: Lincolnshire Police

In June, Colin Johns, 39, of Tennyson Avenue, Grantham was charged with thefts from the Co-op store in Arlington Gardens on three dates in May, where £82.15 of meat and drink was stolen in one theft, £124.65 of laundry products and chocolate on another occasion, and £107 of meat in another theft.

He was charged in June following investigation into the offences by the NPT.

Since that date, he has been charged with further thefts which included £30.62 of meat from Lidl in Northgate in Sleaford on June 20, and £52.20 of chocolate from Costcutter in Grantham on June 23.

As a result, he has been given a 12-month prison sentence following a hearing at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court.

Another prolific shoplifter, Lewis Joseph, 27, of no fixed address, has also been sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for five shop thefts between 21 June and 3 July, and the theft of a bike.

Lewis Joseph has been jailed for 18 weeks for shoplifting offences.
Lewis Joseph has been jailed for 18 weeks for shoplifting offences.

His thefts included an unknown amount of goods from Lidl; theft of alcohol from Sainsbury’s on two different occasions which totalled £152; and health and beauty products from B&M Bargains on two separate occasions. He also stole a bike and tools from a property in Dudley Road in the town.

He was sentenced at a hearing at Lincoln Magistrates' Court earlier this month.

Both men have also been given three year Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBOs). A CBO is a civil order designed to tackle the most serious and persistent anti-social individuals where their behaviour has brought them before a criminal court. The orders mean there are now enforceable rules on where they can and cannot go.

Johns’ CBO means that he is prohibited from entering the Co-op, Arlington Gardens, including the carpark and grounds; and from entering Tesco, Harrowby Lane, including the carpark and grounds.

Joseph’s CBO sees him banned from entering retail premises in Grantham Town Centre unless accompanied by a support worker or responsible officer, with the exception of Grantham Pharmacy in High Street; entering any stores in Grantham Retail Park units Gonerby Road; entering Dunelm Mill in South Parade; entering Aldi in Trent Road; entering Co-op in Arlington Gardens; entering any retail premises in Lincolnshire from which he has received an official banning notice from staff or police.

If the CBO is breached, this is a criminal offence and a custodial sentence can be enforced. For the most serious offences, this can be up to five years.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “We keep a continued watch of people who we have issued CBOs for, in partnership with South Kesteven District Council, and we proactively release their image so that members of the community have the opportunity to stay clear of their offending, and are more able to report an incident if one occurs.”

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